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Can You Pass -?

The "Baby Boomer" Test


Scoring 24 to 35 correct answers means that Branson Missouri is your kind of town full of your kind of fun because yes, you too are a "Baby Boomer"! -  that is to say one of the 76 million Americans born during the post WWII "Baby Boom." (1946-1964). (Answers on pg. 13-14)



  1. "You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with_____.
  2. Brylcream, a little dab'll _____  _____.
  3. You can trust your car to the man who wears the _____.
  4. This bread helped build strong bodies 12 ways.
  5. I'd rather _____ than switch!


  1. What are 78's, 45s and 33 1/3rds?
  2. How many tracks did your tapes have in the seventies?
  3. What is a mimeograph?
  4. What's a studebaker?
  5. What is a slide rule?


  1. Pat Brady, Nellybelle, Bullet and Buttermilk were all characters on what legendary TV Show?
  2. They sang the intros to dozens of TV westerns.
  3. "Dawn" appeared weekly on this seventies TV variety show.
  4. Before Donnie & Marie, The Osmond Brothers were regular guests on this legendary TV show.
  5. From the fifties to the seventies, this show was Saturday night's "must-see TV"



  1. This former child star played "Dingy Ding Bell" in the 1963 classic It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
  2. This country star's Texas nightclub was the setting for Urban Cowboy, starring John Travolta and Debra Winger.
  3. She starred with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas!
  4. They sang and acted in John Wayne's great John Ford trilogy, (Rio Grande, Fort Apache, and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.)
  5. Sammy Lane was the love interest in John Wayne's first color movie.



  1. Never trust anyone over_____?
  2. Good night, Mrs._____ wherever you are!
  3. Fasten Your Seat Belts, it's going to be a _____night!
  4. Who said, "We rob banks."?
  5. Hey _____, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!



  1. Chubby Checker's big dance.
  2. They sang Only You and Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.
  3. What city did John, Paul, George and Ringo come from?
  4. He sang "The Battle of New Orleans"
  5. What was the first song Elvis recorded?


The News

  1. "Good night, Chet,", "Good night _____".
  2. California voters "wouldn't have him to kick around anymore."
  3. What color was that Oleg Cassini "pill box" hat that Jackie wore at the Inauguration?
  4. He beat his UN desktop with his shoe.
  5. Why did we have to "duck and cover?"


Answers to Baby Boomer Test:  1. Pepsodent  2. do ya  3.  star  4.  Wonder  5.  fight  6. records 7. Eight 8. Your name  9. a car  10.  A prehistoric calculator  11. The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Show 12. The Sons of the Pioneers 13. The Tony Orlando Show 14. The Andy Williams Show 15.  The Lawrence Welk Show  16.  Mickey Rooney  17. Mickey Gilley  18.  Ann-Margret  19.  The Sons of the Pioneers  20.  The Shepherd of the Hills  21.  Thirty  22.  Calabash  23. bumpy  24. Bonnie & Clyde  25. "Rock"  26.  The Twist  27.  The Platters  28.  Liverpool  29.  Johnny Horton  30.  That's Alright  31.  David  32.  Nixon  33.  Pink  34. Kruschev  35. To hide from "The Bomb"





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