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Why "Boomers" Love Branson, Missouri!

Branson, Missouri, 35 miles South of Springfield, Missouri on US Hwy 65.
("Boomers": Those 76 million Americans born during the post World War II "Baby Boom", 1946-1964.)

What's not to love? Fun in the outdoors, excitement in town. Small, "laid back" village surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers. Big-time entertainment, major attractions.
More Choices than your Remote Control! Unlike other getaway destinations which also center around outdoor fun, Branson has plenty to DO! We're talkin' bright lights, big-city fun in this tiny Ozarks village. Not even your remote control can offer you as many entertainment choices to fit your every mood! With over 80 live shows playing in over 36 theaters, (many theaters plying three shows daily,) Branson is ready to entertain you on an impulse or a whim.

Back to the Land:
For stress-free fun, take to the mountain trails on horseback or bicycle, explore the waterways on canoes or jet skis. Here, all in one day, you can enjoy scenic views from a mountaintop, the splendors of an underground canyon, or the beauty of an Ozarks waterfall.

Push the envelope: Head for the theme parks, take a high-flying thrill ride. Shoot the rapids of a water park, leap off a cliff into the lake, go parasailing, diving, race the kids at a go-kart track, or take the wee ones to the kiddie amusement centers...any thrill, any level, any speed, any age.

Smart Money: The town's 3 gigantic outlet malls aren't the only deals you'll find here. check out those lodgings! Live like royalty, by the lake, the links, or with a view of the mountains from your hot matter what level of lodging you want, the deals are real! And don't let ticket prices fool're getting uptown entertainment at small town prices! And be sure to download our free coupons!

OK. Show Me.
Use this guide like you'd use that remote. You might want entertainment Vegas style, Nashville style, Broadway style, fifties style, sixties style, or Ozarks style. Laugh at the comics, be amazed by the masters of illusion, let the dancers and acrobats thrill your senses, and let the music of fiddles and banjos and electrics overwhelm you in the hands of the most talented musicians on the planet!

Enjoy the beauty of an Ozarks morning by taking breakfast outside, where the birds are singing, the air is crisp, and the sunshine only gently warm. 

Go golfing, while the fog is still in the mountains, or go down to the lake, where the trout are biting. Take a morning walk in the woods, following the sound of a waterfall.

 Explore a winding mountain trail on bicycle or horseback, crossing an old covered bridge, passing caves, beautiful springs, then stop to watch the wildlife feeding by a mountain stream.

Rent a pontoon boat and picnic on an island. Or go sailing. Take a yacht cruise. Canoe scenic river, then pull up on a gravel bar for a swim, a snack, or to just lay out in the sun.

Take a cruise on an old paddlewheel steamboat, enjoy a delightful on-board meal and show, then stroll the deck, perhaps at night, under the stars.

Enjoy the thrilling rides, the food, the entertainment , and charm of an 1880s era theme park 

Head for the hills, take in the views.

Go outlet shopping, with Christmas in mind. Shop the 101 quaint shops downtown and discover all those marvelous things you just can't get back home. Visit the craft festivals, shop the antique malls, chat with glass glowers, woodcarvers and blacksmiths.

Listen to the fiddlers, the banjos, the ballads of the mountains, as players gather for the festivals, bringing the music that comes from deep within the American heart...

Spend time in the hot tub, then go out for a nice dinner and a show, where you can relax with a laugh, be dazzled and charmed, be serenaded with breathtaking music and eye-filling review...choosing the perfect show to match your mood.

Then, if you refuse to go to bed, take a night cruise on the lake, stroll by the waterfront and be soothed by a gentle breeze, or ride the go-kart tracks until the wee hours.

copyright 2003 by Richard Freihofer

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